Powertech AP PvP Guide

Powertech: Advanced Prototype

PvP Arena/Warzone Guide


I will use the least amount of acronyms so that newer PT’s have an easier time reading the abilities and figuring out what is what. As a new player, looking at DPS rotations people list off as “ED -> TD -> IM -> RS -> RP -> FB -> RS” etc., may look cool for the hardcore, but are generally too difficult to read for new or casual players.

Credits & Sources:

This is an adapted guide made by ‘MegaPT’ on the Powertech Advanced class SWTOR forums. Most, if not all, of this guide is based on his work along with Koozies’. I’m simply making it more readable and aesthetically pleasing for you all.

DISCLAIMER: I am posting this build and what works for most, as every great player will tend to do something unique which works the most effectively for them. So, if you find that this gear build doesn’t do more DPS for you then follow your own gear build.

Talent builds:

For Warzones and 4v4 Arena 8/36/2


For Solo Queue Arena 10/36/0


Reasons for Talent Choices:

The primary difference between the two is you don’t want to get Pneumatic Boots, Charged Gauntlets and Prototype Cylinder Ventilation talents as they are tied to High Energy Gas Cylinder. Instead get “Hitman” which reduces the CD of your interrupt by 2 seconds, and 2 points in Prototype Electro Surge to shave 10 seconds off of your primary stun, and 1 point in Power Armor. The secondary difference is you drop Iron Fist for Rebraced Armor, which when bolstered; you’re at nearly 11k Armor.

You might ask why you don’t drop Immolate and pickup Oil Slick? Most Solo Queue Arena matches are 4 DPS vs 4 DPS, which means you need to put out more pressure than the enemy team while taking less damage and the loss of Immolate is too huge of a DPS burden. You can still put out 1200+ DPS matches if they are quick. Most of these games are decided before your 7th shoulder cannon leaves your shoulder. Put guard on the highest DPS person on my team or the person they are most likely to focus fire. Then run in with 7 shoulder cannons and 3 stacks of Prototype Flame thrower, pop Hydraulic Overrides, AoE taunt their highest DPS, then unload 7 Shoulder Cannons while doing one of the rotations listed later in this guide. Guard swap as needed, but 99% of the time you can be positive they will generally tunnel one target. Between Warzone Adrenal, Medpac, Energy Shield, Kolto Overload you aren’t going down anytime soon even with Guard on a target that’s getting focused. In the time it takes them to put any significant pressure on a target they are on, you’ve annihilated most of their team. I have a 2 win to 1 loss ratio in 4v4, was 3 wins to 1 loss but I got on an unlucky streak with teammates.


First, let’s take a look at all of the Crit Modifiers that AP has:

6% to all Fire abilities (Immolate/Flamethrower/Flame Burst/Shoulder Cannon/Explosive Dart) 23% to Rocket Punch (8% from Talents and 15% from 4 piece Set Bonus)

100% to Rail Shot from Talents.

25% from Explosive Fuel for 15 seconds.

When looking at that, it’s enough to make even Rage (smash) Marauders jealous. Hence why I chose the full power build over a more Crit oriented build for a 4v4 setup. Wear Crit gear if you are Solo Queuing.  In Ion Cell we don’t get 100% Crit on Railshot. Due to this, you should wear crit implants and earpiece for Solo Queuing. You can view the exact gear setup used in Solo Queue and 4v4 Queue below:


Solo Queue Arena Gear (DPS Gen) – http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/characte…6-b16ce4e00a12

Solo Queue Arena Gear (Shield Gen) – http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/characte…2-21c6664618f6

4v4 Arena Gear – http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/characte…8-fa2d6ea119b5  

Link to bolstered stats – http://imageshack.us/f/18/3md3.jpg/

Note: YOU HAVE 1636 EXPERTISE IN YOUR SOLO QUEUE ARMOR AND 1336 IN YOUR 4v4 GEAR?… WHAT IS THAT??? With that exact gear build Bolster will take you up to 2018. Your Tech Bonus damage will also jump to over to 1500 in the 4v4 setup. This build also costs about 1500 HP to do, and you gain 20 bonus damage for it and 1% surge. In the end, this is a minor difference and will boil down to personal preference, HP or Damage? In Solo Queue this is a bit different as healer skill varies frequently, so I put on PvP implants to get 1k HP back. You will feel extremely tanky as AP and may not feel the need to run more than 30k HP with the defensive tools we have at hand if you are doing Group Ranked.

RELICS: Using the Crit Relic now with Serendiptious Assault power relic. Mainstat + SA will be Best in Slot after 2.5 hits because of the buff to the Mainstat relic.


Quote from Ottoattack:

Quote: Some facts:

1 aim = 0.2 bonus damage. 1 power = 0.23 bonus damage. 1 aim = 0.0028% crit approximately.

29AX stats are excluding expertise:

72 aim 49 endurance 27 Power

Bonus damage = (72*0.2*1.09) + (27*0.23) = 21.906

29X stats are excluding expertise:

59 aim 44 endurance 49 power

Bonus damage = (59*0.2*1.09) + (49*0.23) = 24.132

Cylinders :

High Energy Gas Cylinder for 4v4 Arenas –There is no point in running Ion Cylinder if you already have a main tank, one guard is enough and you lose a lot of DPS.

Ion Cell for Solo Queue Arena – You can control the outcome of a match so much easier with Ion Cell active, but you’ll need to run a different spec specifically for Solo Queue.

To Use a Shield or not to Use a Shield?

That is a question I get a lot. Do not use a Shield Generator in games unless you know you will be targeted and attacked first. That comes from knowing your opponents and knowing when you’ll be the best target for them to attack. Sometimes I’ll put it on in games where I know I have two strong DPS and I want to be less of a burden to my healer. You lose no Ranged Bonus damage, but you lose about 90 tech bonus damage if you have identical armoring/mod/enhancement in your Shield Generator like I do. Have multiple of everything pretty much. Just remember that you do not get 100% crit on Railshot in Ion Stance so wearing Crit Implants/Earpiece is very important to maintain a certain level of damage in Solo Queue Arena.

Both High Energy Gas Cylinder and Ion Cylinder for Warzones – I still use the 8/36/2 spec. and primarily stay in High Energy Gas Cylinder stance but I usually queue up with a healer that I play with on a regular basis. When we queue for Warzones we’re not so much focused on winning the objectives of the map, we’re focused on putting out high damage, high healing, and zero deaths as that is essentially the objective of Arena.

Him and I will find ourselves in 2v3/4/5/6 situations frequently thus why I keybind Guard, Ion Cell and High Energy Gas Cylinder so if he is taking focus fire I will quickly stance swap to Ion Cell, guard him and continue DPSing, once he is caught up on heals I swap back to High Energy Gas Cylinder until Ion Cell is needed again. Don’t for one second think that stance swapping Warzones is not viable, it is very much so and is a staple part of my gameplay when with friends. You temporarily sacrifice damage, but by stance swapping to guard your healer so he stays alive, you will generally stay alive, and being alive = more dps than being dead. You’ll also notice that you and your teammate are frequently winning 2v4+.


Running to the target: Explosive Dart -> Rapid Shots.

Basic Rotation: Retractable Blade, Immolate, Rocket Punch, Railshot, Flame Burst, Flameburst, Flamethrower.

Basic Rotation with 3 stacks: Retractable Blade, Immolate, Rocket Punch, Railshot, Flamethrower.

My Rotation: Retractable Blade, Rocket Punch, Immolate, Railshot, Flame Burst, Flame Burst, Flamethrower (You can cut out Flameburst if you have 3 PFT stacks).

AoE Rotation 1: – Explosive Dart -> Prototype Flame Thrower -> Carbonize -> Death From Above.

AoE Rotation 2: – Explosive Dart -> Death From Above -> Carbonize -> Flamethrower.

Now if I can get away with using Basic Rotation above I will, but if I am targeting a smasher, or being focus fired I will be using “My Rotation” as I can kite more effectively and be out of Smash Range. The reason why I feel like my rotation is stronger in most situations is that 4m range is harder to get into, especially if you get snared and don’t have Hydraulic Overrides up, you have to get much closer to your target instead of playing like the Pyro most of us miss, so I try to always time both Retractable Blade and Rocket Punch together so I have to be in 4m range for 3 short seconds then focus on DPSing at a 10m range. There is nothing more annoying than doing the “Basic Rotation”, Retractable Blade, Immolate, and then being snared, stunned, or knocked back so you then have to spam Flame Burst until you can get back into 4m range for the next attack. But by doing this rotation, after the stun, knockback, or snare you can still do your 30m ranged Railshot for 5k+ and not have to run into 4m range to get Rocket Punch Before. This also allows you to use Immolate as you get back into 10m range.

In Depth Look at Rotation:

Explosive Dart – used when focus firing a target that is frequently surrounded by 1 or more players. This will maximize your DPS and put out more AOE pressure.

Flamethrower – In situations where there are more than one enemy, it is a high priority move. In situations where there is one enemy and he has 30% AoE damage reduction (Assassins, AP PT’s, Marauders) it is a low priority move. Carbonizing 2 or more players into a Prototype Flamethrower is a surefire way to get a full one off. When fighting Sorcs, Mercs, Snipers using Hydraulic Overrides right before to ensure you don’t get knocked back during its channel.

Now here are things that I do with my Prototype Flame Thrower:

Build 3 stacks in the starting area of Arena or Warzone. You can build stacks while in starting areas by simply doing a Flame Sweep. Never start an engagement from the spawn without at least 3 Prototype Flame thrower stacks ready to go. Ensure that you space them apart appropriately that you have enough time to go to zero heat before your engagement starts. You can actually just do 2 stacks since you’ll more than likely open with Immolate (Which builds a stack), but in the starting area you have 30 seconds on the timer so really there is no excuse to not just go ahead and build 3, on top of that you’ll have to probably refresh at least one more time before the engagement even starts.

Peeling – After getting 3 stacks, and any of my teammates are being tunneled and need breathing room I use this on a melee to give my teammate time to kite. This is possibly the best peeling tool outside of stuns in the game.

A cool trick I like to do on a regular basis if I see 2 or more melee tunneling the same target when I have 3 PFT stacks up and I cannot be CC’d during PFT, Explosive Dart -> (If there is a Knockback Class I will Hydraulic Overrides right before PFT) Prototype Flame Thrower -> Carbonize -> Death From Above. This is the highest AoE Damage rotation you can do and does ridiculous damage. I have effectively melted arena teams, and used in tandem with a Hybrid AP Tank you will have their entire team at 20% life before they know what to do. More into that later.

In WZ’s if you are in a situation where you’re not fighting, or rotating nodes, or in Arena if you’ve been knocked off a ledge and you’re running to get back into the fight if you don’t already have 3 Prototype Flamethrower stacks built and you’re not using Flame Sweep to build it back up while running back into the fight you’re doing it wrong. Any break in fighting due to rotations or running should be spent building PFT’s before every engagement or re-engagement. Food for thought.

Notes on Key Abilities:

Explosive Fuel

ALWAYS use Explosive Fuel in conjunction with Shoulder Cannon and 3 Stacks of PFT. Shoulder Cannon has a shorter CD than Explosive Fuel but if you time this correctly you can get your 7th Shoulder Cannon to line up perfectly with Explosive Fuel. This takes a bit of forethought so make sure you are always playing a few moves ahead when you’re doing this. This is one of those things that seperates good AP PT’s from bad/typical ones.

When using Explosive Fuel ensure 7 shoulder cannons, 3 stacks of Prototype Flamethrower AND you already have Retractable blade on your target are up as well as the beginning of a full rotation.

My typical Rotation during this burst window:

Explosive Dart -> Explosive Fuel -> Immolate -> Rocket Punch -> Rail Shot -> Prototype Flamethrower -> KABOOM

You can fit all of this in your Explosive Fuel window AND then some. Ensure that you get ALL your shoulder cannons off during this window, do not hold onto any, it should be on CD to ensure that you’re next Explosive Fuel lines up with Shoulder Cannon.

To note, as soon as Shoulder Cannon comes off cooldown you will still have roughly 20+ seconds until Explosive Fuel comes off CD so pop Shoulder Cannon, by the time Explosive Fuel comes off of CD you will have 7 Shoulder Cannons ready to go and this is when you should start preparing yourself for the above rotation.

Super Dongcleave Strats:

AP PT Hybrid Tank, AP PT, Smash Marauder, Operative Healer:

Godly composition. It counters most teams.

PT Tank goes into the Shield Tech tree to get Oil Slick, and then allocates the rest of their points in AP.

You and your other Powertech are generally going to be on the same target while your Marauder sits on healers/Smashes tons of targets. Powertechs should be on the same target so you can use your abilities in tandem with each other.

My PT partner and I will do something like this:

I will Explosive Dart then Carbonize a group of players followed by a 3 stack PFT, my AP Hybrid Tank partner will then Death From Above, he will then Carbonize the same group of players and 3 stack PFT followed by an Oil Slick while I Explosive Dart, then Death From Above. You throw a Smash or two in that and we’re talking an entire Arena team is nearly wiped.


Another reason this composition is great is because of peeling. What better way to peel a Melee off your healer then to put a Marauder in one PFT 90% snare immediately into another one. Not to mention two single target stuns, taunts, etc.


Single target taunt should be used on Cooldown as it costs no global and should be on the highest DPS person on the enemy team at all times.

ALWAYS coordinate your AoE Taunt with your PT to ensure that they aren’t being overlapped. By coordinating taunts with your fellow AP you can essentially keep the highest DPS person on their team permanently doing 30% less damage, and then stacking AoE taunt for every hard swap. Couple that with guard swapping, stuns, etc. then you’re team is literally unkillable. Every target on your team is undesirable hence why it’s god comp.

Pulls (Grapple):

Coordinate Pulls to keep targets from kiting you. With two pulls on a 45 second CD + Hydraulic Overrides and Stun/CC Breakers you should always be connecting with your target. Coordinating your pulls so they aren’t wasted will ensure that no sorc, marauder, merc will never be outside of your 10m range for more than a few seconds.


Companion Affection Chart

Imperial Agent

 Companion  Favorite Gift  Loved Gift
Kaliyo Underworld Goods Weapon / Luxury
Scorpio Weapon Technology
Lokin Military Gear / Luxury Technology
Vector Imp. Memorabilia / Courting Cultural Artifact
Ensign Courting Imp. Memorabilia
HK-51 Weapon Technology
2V-R8 Cultural Artifact Technology

Bounty Hunter

 Companion  Favorite Gift  Loved Gift
Mako Underworld Goods Technology / Courting
Gault Underworld Goods Luxury
Blizz Everything Everything
Torian Weapon / Military Gear Trophy
Skadge Weapon Underworld Goods
HK-51 Weapon Technology
2V-R8 Cultural Artifact Technology

Sith Warrior

 Companion  Favorite Gift  Loved Gift
Vette Luxury / Cultural Artifact Underworld Goods / Courting
Pierce Weapon Military Gear
Quinn Weapon / Military Gear Imp. Memorabilia
Jaesa Trophy Trophy
Boonmark Technology / Rep. Memorabilia Weapon / Trophy
HK-51 Weapon Technology
2V-R8 Cultural Artifact Technology

Sith Inquisitor

 Companion  Favorite Gift  Loved Gift
Khem Val Weapon Cultural Artifact
Xalek Weapon Military Gear
Andronikos Underworld Goods / Military Gear Weapon
Ashara Weapon / Military Gear Rep. Memorabilia / Courting
Talos Luxury / Rep & Imp Memorabilia Cultural Artifact
HK-51 Weapon Technology
2V-R8 Cultural Artifact Technology